nw3 to nyc

Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

Admin city

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Oh my word, what a lot of admin. I currently have a list of 68 organisations or people that need to know that we are moving to New York. It’s exhausting dealing with every single one. The Internet makes a huge difference but everyone assumes that we are moving within the UK, so anything involving a move overseas involves either a frustrating conversation in the branch of well known high street banks (not an experience I would recommend) or writing a letter (how much are stamps these days!!). I also seem to have got on to the mailing list from hell and have had so many catalogues recently, I’ve heard trees crying there’s so much wasted paper. E calls them scribble books and slowly desecrates each one with moustaches and horns on models. An improvement in many cases. I just have to send yet another email via yet another Contact Us form on yet another website of yet another company who’s stuff I would never buy. What a complete pain in the proverbial.

And if I have one more conversation with a complete stranger about how exciting it is to move to New York and are we affected by Sandy, I’ll scream. I’ve decided we need to stay in NY forever now as I’m not doing this again. 

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