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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

Milking it

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Most weeks when I was in the UK, I would buy 2 four pint bottles of milk, semi skimmed organic from Sainsbury’s preferably. Never really thought much of it until I got here. There is a ridiculous number of types of milk in New York supermarkets. We start with your ordinary milk,  it is low fat, 1 or 2 per cent. Is that semi skimmed?  3 per cent seems to mean whole milk, so is that full fat? Or maybe I should opt for some DHA Omega 3 milk? What is that about? I think it might be closely related to the milk with added vitamin A and D. Soy and goats milk I’ve seen before, seems reasonable for bodies that can’t cope with milk, but here they go one step further and have lactose free (probably flavour free too). There is rice milk, coconut milk, buttermilk and organic milk from cows which are grass fed. There is almond milk for those nutty moments and local milk for local people. Half and half anyone? Half of what? Is that semi skimmed? And a whole selection of creamer, what’s that, surely it is just thick milk? No. It is specifically for coffee (not tea, of course, there’s a whole other piece begging to be written on what Americans do to tea). And I still don’t know which one to get!

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