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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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The Affordable Art Fair opened in New York this weekend. Taking place in the downtown area of Gramercy (ish) the well heeled, cool and, err, well us, converged on the Metropolitan Pavilion on 19th Street. Going early was definitely the right move with the spaces empty of people and gallery owners keen to say hi and coo over J who was, bang on schedule, fast asleep. Funny that the first person I spoke to was British, a gallery owner from Cambridge, I couldn’t help saying the remarkably stupid greeting ‘oh, you’re British!’ Like she didn’t know, but she humoured me with a ‘yes and you are too’. I must stop doing that, I think it unnerves people. There were many London galleries represented, in fact, you’d hardly know you were actually in New York, there seemed to be so few New York galleries there. I think it’s pretty normal at these places to find a load of stuff you hate, a load of stuff you think ‘yeah, it’s ok’ and the odd gem. We found our gem; our art of New York, limited edition print, but ironically it will be shipped from Canada. And not so affordable. Expensive afternoon, that.


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