nw3 to nyc

Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

All aboard!

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So I have discovered Amtrak. What a contrast to taking the train in the UK. Here you go to Penn Station, you sit in a pleasant waiting room until your train is called, with the announcements ending every time with “all aboard”.  You then queue (line) up and go down to the platforms and get on your train. If you need help you can call on a red cap: does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a little old man dressed in red wearing a red cap. Looks more like he might need you to help him. The trains are comfortable, clean and the seats widely spaced out. I love the ticket collector with his fabulous hat and his charming manner. He calls me ma’am and wishes me a good day. The announcements are helpful, they tell you how long to your next stop; they tell you about the catering but don’t list every item they sell, unlike Virgin in the UK. I laughed when the announcer said at Washington DC, that the train would be there for 30 minutes, so passengers could get off the train and stretch their legs but warned, “you left the train, the train did not leave you: it will go with or without you!”. On the return journey to New York the train is packed and the announcer keeps wishing us a happy holiday. I keep thinking, what holiday? I didn’t know there was one, maybe it’s a Washington DC thing. I ask the lady next to me who knows that he means Mothers Day! How nice, I will definitely be using Amtrak again..

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