nw3 to nyc

Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic


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Remember that episode of Friends when Phoebe spends a day or so on the phone waiting to get through to a real human being and then discovers at the end that she’s been on a premium rate phone line and it cost a fortune? Well, I may not have been on a premium rate line, but the experience was similar. 36 minutes and 32 seconds later I managed to persuade AT&T to refund me $40 that they took by mistake. That’s nearly a dollar a minute for my time. I think there’s actually only one person at the other end as the automated lady tries to stop you from going anywhere near a human. I tried pretty much every permutation and eventually clicked that ‘technical support’ would get me through an actual person. And then she put me on hold for another 10 minutes until I’m sure I just ended up speaking to her again. They have AT&T stores here but if you want to get your money back they won’t speak to you. In fact, when I went in there a while ago to resolve the same issue, all they did was get me through to customer services who put me on hold. Customer service? I don’t think so.

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