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From Hopper to Copper

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One of the great things about being a full time mum is that you get to go out and do things during the day that people who work can’t. One of these is wandering around auction houses, looking at art that is completely unaffordable. So, you know now that I love art and seeing the weird and wonderful in and around New York.

Today was another level. Christie’s Auction House is located in the Rockefeller Center. It is hosting a massive art sale of post war and contemporary art this week and has all the art work on display. It’s a phenomenal collection of art and comes from all over the place. The most expensive is likely to be the Francis Bacon triptych of Lucian Freud from 1969. It’s yellow, pretty odd and enormous. I had a chat with a lovely English art lady, who said that the last one of his went for $85 million; so this should go for more. Blimey. Think of the commission on that for Christie’s.

I’ve never been to an auction viewing before, but you get lovely shiny catalogues and feel super important ear wigging all the lah di dah conversations around you with people mostly dressed in black, looking cool. I wasn’t. J was asleep, thankfully, otherwise I don’t think they would have let us in.

It made it worth the trip to see an Edward Hopper for sale. I love Edward Hopper. It appeals to my melancholy self and I always look out for them in any art gallery. Here the one for sale is from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. They are flogging it because they want to boost their endowment. It’ll get quite a boost as the guide price on this fella is $22-28 million. The nice man behind the reception counter gave me a catalogue for just the Hopper. Must have cost a fortune, but who cares when you’re selling art for that much. Take a look and see what you think.

East Wind over Weehawken by Edward Hopper (1934)

East Wind over Weehawken by Edward Hopper (1934)








And the copper? Well, it’s two actually. And they are upside down. I have no idea what this is about, but it made me laugh and I spent a lot of time with my head turned sideways trying to work out if they were NYPD, but I couldn’t tell. Barking. Oh, and the price? $1.5- 2 million.

Frank and Jamie by Maurizio Cattelan (2002)

Frank and Jamie by Maurizio Cattelan (2002)










And nearly as barking was a large box covered in pins. Eh? I did wonder if it was simply a magnet to hold pins needed to attach all the signs to the walls, but it was a hundred grand. That’s a lot of pins.

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