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Today is the start of The Big Egg Hunt New York. There are 260 eggs around New York and they can all be found using a great app from the iTunes store. They are about 2 foot tall and all fabulously decorated.

We went down Madison Avenue today, tripping over the ladies with their fancy hairdos and bags full of clobber from the designer shops. We found seven eggs within 10 blocks. I think this may be the beginning of a new temporary obsession. Here’s three of the ones we found today.

This one is painted and has real bullets all over it. It was, helpfully, in a shop that sold stuff to do with shooting. E’s finger gives you an idea of the size of the thing. The staff in this shop just looked bemused.

Tatyana Murray's Egg

Tatyana Murray’s Egg













This one is made of glass. It looks so delicate, I was terrified of falling over and crashing into it. It is housed in a shop so fancy, I couldn’t work out what it was actually selling!

Andrew Zientek"s Egg

Andrew Zientek”s Egg













And this one was nestled in the window of the ever fancy Lauduree store. The lure of cakes was huge and the smell was very enticing, but far too expensive to waste on E and J. Not sure what this egg is made of, but looked pretty gold and shiny. I like the way the tower of macaroons is positioned to look like it’s holding up the mighty egg.

Isabelle Arpagian's Egg

Isabelle Arpagian’s Egg

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