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The appeal of Peel

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There is a relatively new Commissioner of the NYPD – the last one, Raymond Kelly, went when Bloomberg left office on 1 January this year. His name is William J Bratton. He tried to become the head of the London Metropolitan Police a few years back but is now Commissioner here in New York for the second time.

He has a bit of a thing about the UK and invokes the spirit of Robert Peel in his approach to police work. He even carries round piece of paper with the nine principles of policing developed by Peel in the 19th Century. Peel of course famously founding the London Metropolitan Police during his stint as Home Secretary. He went on to be the British Prime Minister twice in the 1830s and 1840s.

Commissioner’s Corner on the NYPD website provides Bratton with the perfect forum to expound his love of Peel. Even the title sounds like some cosy 1970s afternoon show on the BBC. A true Anglophile.

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