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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

Ever wondered where that taxi has been?

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The iconic yellow taxi in New York is everywhere, apart from when it’s raining, when they disappear! R found this very cool website that shows a day in a life of a New York taxi. You can watch its route through the boroughs and see how much cash it made in a single shift. I was surprised that the level of tips wasn’t higher – with the automated system in the cabs calculating the tip level for you, I would have expected an average of 20 per cent but it is much lower. And I wouldn’t want the night shift, must be very lonely wandering about the streets in search of a fare at 4am, earning nothing.

And if you are as mesmerised as I am by this, you can get it to it all over again by picking another random taxi to follow during its day of work. Amazing.


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