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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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Biscuit abuse

I can cope with Americans calling biscuits ‘cookies’. I can deal with the fact that they mostly have too much salt in and way too many calories and are way too big to be good for anybody. But to take an Oreo biscuit, err, cookie and slather it in batter and plunge it into hot fat for a few minutes so that it emerges looking like this:

blog pic 20

Well, it’s just plain wrong. Or is it. Looks a bit like a doughnut now, don’t you think? So, in the interests of research and cross Atlantic bonding, I tried one, which after just one bite looks like this:

blog pic 21

Yep, that’s an Oreo, deep fried in batter and it’s lovely. Artery hardening, loaded with sugar and fat and utterly addictive. Beware. And yes, I am on about food again.