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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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Will miss you Kobe

Here’s my favourite New York lunch delivered to our apartment in about 20 minutes courtesy of a few mouse clicks on Seamless, which is every New Yorker’s favourite delivery service website.

Top left – a boring mixture of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and strange orange coloured sauce

Top middle – seaweed salad. Should be vile, but is actually quite nice if a bit wet and stringy and gets stuck in my teeth

Top right – the peak of sushi, the shrimp (that’s prawn to me) tempura (battered) sushi. A glorious mixture of prawns, avocado and crispy batter in a brown rice roll. Yum.

Bottom – the lunchtime $9.50 bento box. Yes, that’s about 6 quid for a pile of rice, big piece of salmon in sauce, some fried dumpling thingies and some less interesting sushi.

I didn’t photograph the miso soup because I don’t like it. Too salty.

J eats all the rice and most of the salmon and I scoff the rest. What a marvellous way to eat lunch for $27 including delivery and tip (about £17.50). And today is the last time we will have this. I’ll miss you Kobe Sushi on 78th and York.