nw3 to nyc

Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic


Desperately seeking sarcasm

British people are, on the whole, experts to varying degrees in the art of sarcasm. I like to think I am pretty expert myself, mix it with a bit of irony and a dab of humour and it keeps me entertained for hours. I have been experimenting with it in New York and so far no takers. Although I was hugely excited to talk to someone earlier who, when describing another person, looked at me quite sincerely and said ‘…and I am being sarcastic there, I don’t mean it’. Fantastic. Not only did I not realise he was even being sarcastic (as everyone here seems to be so sincere all of the time), he had to tell me he was doing it. I congratulated him on being my first experience of the hallowed art and walked off smiling. There is hope yet.