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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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Must be time for ice cream

It is officially Spring – well I think it is Spring and it is warmer now and I didn’t wear a hat today, so it must be. Must be time for ice cream. I have tempted the Spring fates by eating it in March, but hope I’ll be forgiven. NW3 had pretty good ice cream places, one in Hampstead was in the old butchers, but you’d never guess; Gelato Mio in St Johns Wood and Holland Park, to name two, was good, bit too creamy for me, but fine after a wander through the park. But here in NYC ice cream is an art. We have a really good place called Emack and Bolio nearby. It is small and funky inside with the wackiest named ice cream with Deep Purple Chip (black raspberry with white and dark chocolate chips) and Caramel Moose Prints (caramel with mini peanut butter cups) giving you enough calories to take up your entire daily allowance in one sugar cone. We ventured to Greenwich Village last week and found Cones. My, my that was good. They open until midnight! Impressive. They serve ice cream laced with Johnny Walker whiskey which led R to remark “Yeah, it’s ok, once it’s numbed your mouth”. Not sure that’s really a recommendation. And the search will go on.