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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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Tea retraining

Oh dear, I appear to have started to like iced tea. A lot. It is easy to feed this new addiction as iced tea is everywhere. I get it now with a sandwich at lunchtime. It comes in large vats behind the counter and can be slightly sweet or plain. It is black tea or sometimes green tea, lots of ice cubes in a plastic lidded cup with a straw. Piece of lemon optional. I have tried it from a lot of different places now and had oolong tea with my Japanese meal just last night. I’m so sorry Tea Horse, I feel like I am betraying you. I still love hot tea – you have to say hot here to distinguish from its cold cousin. I say it quite naturally now, I think I’ve been here long enough. And for US Mother’s Day yesterday what did I get? Yes, you’ve guessed it, more iced tea. Peach flavoured, not sure about that one, but ginger? Really? Maybe a step too far.

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