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What is a cronut?

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At the suggestion of R, I introduce you to the cronut, half croissant, half doughnut with an injection of cream to really up the calorie count. This is a pastry developed by a chef called Dominique Ansel here in New York City. Unleashed on the world on May 10, 2013, I am slightly behind the curve on this one and I suspect R only found out about it because someone mentioned it on Reddit, his favourite website. Anyway, I have researched the artery hardening lovely and found that you have to get to Spring Street, to their bakery, which is way down town in Manhattan. You have to be there around 6am in order to have a chance of getting one, as you have to join the incredibly long queue of pastry diehards. The bakery opens at 8am, they only make 300 and only sell you 2 at a time. So you do the maths to know where in the queue you need to be to be successful.

Whilst I like croissants (I had one from Dean and Deluca only earlier today) and I like doughnuts, I don’t think my dedication stretches this far. I could order 6 by phoning up after 11 on a Monday in the hope of getting them in the next two weeks, but I just can’t be arsed. Check out the Dominique Ansel website to see if you would make the effort.

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