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$4.25 for a doughnut?

Surely not. But yes, today I was walking down East 78th street between 1st and 2nd Avenue and found a new (to me) bakery called Orwashers. Sitting in their window was the biggest, fattest doughnut ever. Is that a jelly (err, jam) doughnut I ask? Why yes, but you can choose what flavour you want inside. And there on the blackboard was a list of jam flavours and some enormous syringes.

Curious I said I’d have one (and because I love doughnuts) and she proceeded to stab the fat doughnut with a large pair of scissors before injecting the doughnut with a vast amount of jam. Oh my.

I carried it home very carefully, cut it into four and shared with J and E (R will have to wait, if he’s lucky, his quarter will survive in the fridge until this evening). The verdict? It was lovely. E liked it so much she licked the plate clean (urgh). Not enough though. Given you can get an entire jam doughnut from Dunkin’ for a dollar, it’s a bit expensive but for an extravagant treat I may return and I won’t be sharing it.

Check it out below:

donut 1








donut 2








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What is a cronut?

At the suggestion of R, I introduce you to the cronut, half croissant, half doughnut with an injection of cream to really up the calorie count. This is a pastry developed by a chef called Dominique Ansel here in New York City. Unleashed on the world on May 10, 2013, I am slightly behind the curve on this one and I suspect R only found out about it because someone mentioned it on Reddit, his favourite website. Anyway, I have researched the artery hardening lovely and found that you have to get to Spring Street, to their bakery, which is way down town in Manhattan. You have to be there around 6am in order to have a chance of getting one, as you have to join the incredibly long queue of pastry diehards. The bakery opens at 8am, they only make 300 and only sell you 2 at a time. So you do the maths to know where in the queue you need to be to be successful.

Whilst I like croissants (I had one from Dean and Deluca only earlier today) and I like doughnuts, I don’t think my dedication stretches this far. I could order 6 by phoning up after 11 on a Monday in the hope of getting them in the next two weeks, but I just can’t be arsed. Check out the Dominique Ansel website to see if you would make the effort.

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Slam dunk

According to tonight’s New York Post, Dunkin’ Donuts is the top national food retailer in New York. It has a staggering 484 shops, up 18 in the past year across the 5 boroughs of New York. There are as many people in New York city as there are in London (both just over 8 million).  It always amazed me how many branches there were: just how many doughnuts (donuts) can Americans eat? Second on the list is the sandwich specialist shop, Subway. This is the city of the sandwich: it will be freshly made, stuffed with mayo and calories and be absolutely huge!  It will come as no surprise that third on the list is Starbucks, with an incredible 272 stores and 200 of them in Manhattan alone. Starbucks is always busy, full of people staring at screens of various shapes and sizes, nursing drinks for hours. Or, what I witnessed this weekend, people sat alone with the New York Times (whose Sunday edition takes all week to read) eating their packed lunch with no Starbucks mug in sight.  At least they looked a bit guilty whilst trying to hide it behind the Style section. Not so stylish.