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Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic

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The six foot sandwich?

And just before I go to bed, here’s a sign from this evening’s outing that made me stop dead in the street and read twice. A six foot sandwich? Nope. A foot long sandwich that is six dollars. I was so bothered about the fact that it was six foot long that I didn’t even realise until just now that a foot long sandwich is pretty barking too. That’s one way to notice a Blimpie on the way home.

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Let’s talk about coleslaw

Yes, I know this is possibly not the most interesting topic in the world, but it’s on my mind and I feel the need to vent. I like coleslaw, I like the combination of shredded cabbage and carrot in a pleasant mayonnaise that I can add to my sandwich. I like it on ham and I like it on cheese. I quite like it on a baked potato too. It is a savoury snack. Not a sweet snack. I hate coleslaw in the US. What do they do to it that makes is so incredibly sweet? I know, I’ll pour some sugar into the mayonnaise just to up the calorie count. Great idea. And whilst I’m on about it, when I ask for a quarter pound (yes, the US still uses Imperial, an entirely separate subject to rant about) I want 0.25 of a pound, also known as 4 ounces. But no, you always get more and today I was given 0.42, which is pretty much half a pound. I was experimenting with a new source of coleslaw from Sable’s and it was equally hideous. I have, however, discovered the answer to this problem. Low fat coleslaw, sometimes known as ‘healthy coleslaw’ – ahem, I don’t think there’s anything particularly healthy about coleslaw, either way it’s mayonnaise and that’s pretty fattening. But hey, by making it low fat all the sugar seems to disappear. I now have the answer. Try Morton Williams deli or Fairways to see what I mean.

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Slam dunk

According to tonight’s New York Post, Dunkin’ Donuts is the top national food retailer in New York. It has a staggering 484 shops, up 18 in the past year across the 5 boroughs of New York. There are as many people in New York city as there are in London (both just over 8 million).  It always amazed me how many branches there were: just how many doughnuts (donuts) can Americans eat? Second on the list is the sandwich specialist shop, Subway. This is the city of the sandwich: it will be freshly made, stuffed with mayo and calories and be absolutely huge!  It will come as no surprise that third on the list is Starbucks, with an incredible 272 stores and 200 of them in Manhattan alone. Starbucks is always busy, full of people staring at screens of various shapes and sizes, nursing drinks for hours. Or, what I witnessed this weekend, people sat alone with the New York Times (whose Sunday edition takes all week to read) eating their packed lunch with no Starbucks mug in sight.  At least they looked a bit guilty whilst trying to hide it behind the Style section. Not so stylish.