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Searching for Banksy

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So, mysterious British graffiti artist, Banksy, is visiting NYC this month. He must have known in advance that the weather would be perfect for scrawling on walls late at night. I’m pretty excited about this as we used to live in Bristol which is where he started his career. It’s also where we went to a great exhibition of his work a few years ago, after queuing for hours and hours. Anyway, Banksy has created a bit of stir here, and no doubt this is being reported in the UK as well, as he is doing one new art work every day somewhere in the city. It’s a fantastic bit of self promotion.

The first one was way down town and was painted over within the day. The second was on West 25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues which is a long way from us but coincidentally we were nearby yesterday and we saw yesterday’s creation. We were there about 10pm and there were a fair few fans hanging around and taking pictures. We did the same. I went down there again today and it’s still there, it’s been defaced a bit more by other graffiti artists’ ‘tags’ but it’s still legible. Here’s my snap:

banksy Oct 2







Today’s offering is a dog urinating on a fire hydrant. Charming. I knew it was somewhere in Midtown but having just looked it up it was at West 24th Street and 6th Avenue. Wish I’d known that earlier as I was so close on 28th Street just this afternoon! I can feel a new hobby coming on, a Banksy a day.

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