nw3 to nyc

Observations on moving my family across the Atlantic


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Here in the US there is the Cinnabon, but I have renamed it the Sinnabon. I have mentioned my love of cake before and my recent discovery of the pumpkin cinnamon bun from Glaser’s Bakery but I may have to re-think this. Today, in the food court at Philadelphia Station (lovely building, take note Penn Station in New York) I discovered Cinnabon. It sells cinnamon buns. The lady behind the counter was making them, rolling out the dough and baking them there and then. It was like a heavenly site in the heart of Pennsylvania. I ordered one, with a cup of Early Grey tea. Black. And then I read the small print. The calorie values there, small, but there. 750 calories for one bun. 1080 calories for the one with the pecans and extra goo. Gumph. I looked at the lovely lady and said ‘I’m so sorry, but I can’t bring myself to knowingly eat that many calories’ – not as an afternoon snack on a train back to New York, anyway. She looked sympathetic and asked if I still wanted to have the tea. I said no and walked away solemnly. But not to worry, an oatmeal raisin cookie from Au Bon Pain (America’s answer to a little bit of France in every city) is a mere 320 calories, so I had that instead. And I still got the Earl Grey.

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