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It’s hard to escape from the preparations for Thanksgiving here in New York. It’s on Thursday 28 November. It’s made even harder by the coincidence that the Jewish holiday of Hannukah is at the same time (well, day 2 of Hannukah to be precise) – the first time since 1888 apparently. The press are dubbing it ‘Thanksgivukkah’, which is quite hard to say.

We are learning about both, mostly through E who is bringing home various turkey themed objects and even J has stuck a few feathers and a strangely located eye on a turkey cut out. E came back home from school with a few Hannukah goodies including a dreidel , a four sided spinning top played during this Jewish holiday and tonight will bring home her home made menorah (candle holder) replete with stuck on metal nuts and glitter.

It’s all ‘happy holidays’ and ‘happy Thanksgiving’ at the moment and a trip to a supermarket invariably involves turkey, stuffing and anything dressed as a turkey. I particularly like the Fairway Hannukah signs above the cheese aisle, showing what to eat on each of the eight nights of Hannukah. I think it might be stretching it a bit to have a cupcake day, but hey, why not, if it sells more cupcakes!

Hannukah Fairway style



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